Monday, December 18, 2006

Mega Tumbler

These beautifully simple and alternative salt and pepper pots literally rock!

Thanks to the extra ballast in the bottom, the salt and pepper tumblers cannot tip over. Instead, they rock cheerfully back and forth.

The tumblers are available in sets of two, in beautiful gift boxes, for either fine or coarse-grained salt and pepper, respectively. The narrow slits are for fine grain condiments, while the larger, star-shaped perforations are for the coarse variaties. They can also be used to sprinkle exciting "drinking spices", such as cinnamon on teas or cardamom on cappuccino.

Made out of polished stainless steel, all of the spheres are equipped with a white "salt ring" on the bottom, which you can remove from the pepper pot to allow you to easily tell the difference between salt and pepper.

Designed by Denmark based designer, Henriette Melchiorsen. For more info visit:


Square Glass Rotating CD Stand

Put your entire CD music collection on show with this clean and simple glass storage unit from GreenApple.

Each glass unit is made by hand, using advanced ultra-violet bonding to produce invisible joins. The design allows up to 336 CD's, accessible from opposite sides by rotating the entire unit.

The CD's are simply held by three well placed horizontal rods which are not only angled to make selection easier but also ensure they stay in place when rotating the unit. The added benefit is it ensures minimal contact with the CD cases, reducing the chance of scratching.

GreenApple actually make a wide range of contemporary glass furniture, lighting and accessories. They also have a bespoke coloured glass service allowing you to own a truly unique design. For more info visit:


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Timer Style Alarm Clock

This special edition alarm clock from Jacob Jensen (the man behind some of Bang & Olufsens classic designs) has no hands, numbers or digits but it still tells the time!

Made in the style of a timer, the time is shown by segments on the clock face:

  • The inner circle indicates seconds and flashes once every second.
  • The hours are shown in the large inner circle which is divided into 12 pieces, each representing one hour.
  • Minutes are shown in the outer circle in segments of one minute each.

The clock is equipped with an alarm, an infinite snooze-function, a key-lock function and built-in background light.

Made in steel, glass, ABS and silver finish: rodium covered, engraved keys and mirror surface.

The combination of simple, functional design and high quality materials really makes this a timeless design (no pun intended).

For more info visit:

Airswitch tc

The really cool thing about this lamp is not only does passing your hand over the lamp turn the light on and off but you can also move your hand vertically above the lamp to set the level of light.

A truly unique bedside or desk lamp that doesn't break the bank, what's more the mouth blown frosted glass shade comes in several colour combinations. I particularly love the chrome/silver option.

The creators of this lamp, Mathmos, produce quite a few other unique lights and lamps that I strongly recommend you take a look at. For more info visit:


The very first post - Eon Eternity

What better way to start things off than what is probably one of the best looking pocket torches I've seen. It sums up DesignFlares motto of, "Simplicity is the essence of great design." and it definitely comes under the category of classic design.

Designed by Iain Sinclair, this credit size torch has a beautiful silver finish, ideal for engraving and embossing. The on/off switch is seamlessly built in to the body of the torch and careful attention has been paid to to make sure it can't accidentally be triggered. The ultra bright twin LED's produce a pure penetrating beam of light. The unique built-in battery provides an amazing continuous beam of light for up to 168 hours which they say based on average use means you shouldn't need to buy another pocket torch!

There are several other finishes and variations on this classic design, for more info visit: